Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 97: Bad Ohman

January 30, 2022 Another Woodshop Podcast Season 1 Episode 99
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 97: Bad Ohman
Show Notes

Episode 97

Dan’s clients brought him over the hardware for the big oak doors, working on a bar stool, and of course bowties.

Mike finished up the 6 foot tall marquee letters, finished flattening a claro walnut table, sprayed finish on another table, has a secret audio project, and partnering with Cambium Carbon on selling Carbon Smart Lumber.

Pete finished up the last of the cutting boards, knocking out more honey-do-list projects for the house and buttoning up projects,  Painting the basement, Made a box joint jig for some boxes he has to make, and insulated the garage doors and its making a big difference.

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Jordan Chapman

Of the north designs

I work out of an 8x20 shop, but I’m considering an expansion and I’m also looking for a CNC recommendation to grow my business.

Chris L

Which clamps do you reach for first?

Matt Liter-Hosen

I’m looking at a Powermatic 075-1 dust collector because there is a lock deal and I’m wondering if its worth it for a good price.

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