Another Woodshop Podcast

Best of AWP: Fix Build This That Ep. 50

January 09, 2022 Another Woodshop Podcast Season 1 Episode 96
Another Woodshop Podcast
Best of AWP: Fix Build This That Ep. 50
Show Notes

THIS IS A RERUN! Dan and Pete flew out to Mike's house to do a collaborative promotion with Semi Exact and do a meetup at Mike's property so we took the week off to get some rest and tackle 2022 head on! This episode was our most downloaded of 2021 so we thought we'd share it again.  The giveaway in the episode is not valid!

Episode 50 - Dan is till working on his giant Tetris shelf. Pete worked on a custom sign with CNC working epoxy and he’s in love. And Mike is working on a large bench build again and had a massive surge of orders on Etsy.

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Adrienne (aka Barbara)

Congrats on 50! 


Barnett custom woodworks

What are some of your favorite moments from the shows so far?

Henry Goncalves

HG’s Alfresco and collate bar 

Whats a project that you really want to do but have not had time to start.


Josh The Dad1

How did you guys get so awesome?

Kimani Strayhorn

How do you guys track finances? And what do you track?

Lee Ohman

Regal St.

Congrats on 50! 

Mike Phillips

The Otter Mill

Account management. What do you do with fake accounts?


Dad It Yourself DIY

Congrats on 50! Juice Groove, is that a default, or a custom request?

Tyler Isacs

Wooden Whiskers Trading Co.

Congrats on 50! What have you guys done well? What did you do in the beginning that is now?

Matt Taylor

I’m wondering for those that don’t have a domino, whats another good way to mimic those joints?

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