Another Woodshop Podcast

Best of AWP: Jason Bent!

December 25, 2021 Another Woodshop Podcast Season 1 Episode 94
Another Woodshop Podcast
Best of AWP: Jason Bent!
Show Notes

The AWP boys are taking the week off so we thought we'd share one of our most popular episodes and the best podcast Jason Bent has ever been on!

Also, Jason is on a podcast called The Green Suiters podcast. Check it out!

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Our Guest: Jason Bent


Mark Arnold

For Jason: Why are you so sold on under-mount slides over traditional slides?

Ash - Woodworkandwhiskers

Don’t you think that people should be forced to use Metric, by force?

Andrew Dearing - STL Dearing

Straight knives or helical head and why?

Justin - Rustic Grains Design Tampa

What is the one thing to get you into woodworking?

Kevin - Lefty’s woodshop (Subsidiary of Another Woodshed Podcast)

Website to sell or go through Etsy?


Have you guys ever had a project that fought you every step of the way?

Nick - The Working Grain

I started taking commissions but I want to move towards selling online. What are your tips?

Chris - Qualis woodworks

Putting a client’s logo on the product?

Matt Morgan

How do you guys handle the people that list “rustic” tables on facebook marketplace and de-value the work that a lot of us do?

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