Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 93: Forgetting Ben Marshall

December 19, 2021 Season 1 Episode 93
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 93: Forgetting Ben Marshall
Show Notes

Dan is getting an uptick in bowties, working on finding hardware for his big door build, made a lot of new cutting board templates, and he’s making making a walnut Yoga mat rack,

Pete worked on a boat load of cutting boards and got them all finished this week, made laser cut ornaments for a family member’s Christmas gifts, working on a home replica bird house, and had to put a customer in his place to set boundaries.

Mike has Shawn helping him in the shop a lot, working on the massive epoxy table, Dan and Pete are going to join Mike in January and he’ll put them to work, and had to deal with some potential legal issues when a commercial customer misread the contract.


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Adam Barnett
Barnett Custom Woodworks
Aside from a vice, what else do you recommend?

Ben Marshall
If you got cast in broke back mountain 2, who would you choose to be your co-star?

Blue tick Woodworks
I have the Super Max drum sander and its often giving me some burning lines. Any tips?

Jevon Chaney
If you had to choose between CNC and laser for your shop, what would use in your shop?

507 woodworks
Bandsaws. Jet 1/2 horsepower on local marketplace. Should I grab it? I’d like to resew. What do you think?

Chosen craft co.
When you give an estimate, how detailed do you get? And how many options do you give

Whiskey Sloth
What is one tool that you would like to get rid of in your shop that you would like to regift?

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