Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 92: Fat Guy Energy

December 12, 2021 Another Woodshop Podcast
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 92: Fat Guy Energy
Show Notes

Dan is making a some inlay templates, getting the oak door flattened. DAN MOVED HIS BENCH! 90º!

Mike is super busy with commissions, etsy orders, templates, ornaments, made progress on the redwood table, working on some stairs, cutting boards, learning tower, and game boards.

Pete is slammed with cutting boards, ornaments, a custom bird house, ice climbing tool CNC job, and he upgraded his 3D print shop and the shop with some new tables and racks. Oh and he got an exercise bike because he’s fat! 

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507 woodworks

What do you want Santa to drop off under the tree for you?

Whiskey Sloth Woodworks

What are your business practices for deposits, disclaimers, and not picking up their items.?

Adam Barnett

Barnett Custom Woodworks

I want to build a new outfield table. But I want to put a woodworking vice on it.

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