Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 91: Knuckle Talk with Morgan Hop!

December 05, 2021 Morgan Hopfensperger Season 1 Episode 91
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 91: Knuckle Talk with Morgan Hop!
Show Notes

Dan is working on more bowties! And a lot of them! He’s starting to work on the white oak door, as well as the door jam, and working on a bunch of cutting boards.

Pete had a crazy week on Etsy and had to get a lot of orders out. Which is making him think about scaling his business to be able to increase the number of options.

Morgan is building a workbench for his infinity CNC, he wants to run his new Onefinity sideways and upside down if possible.

Mike finally has power in his shop and it feels amazing! He knocked out 17 table tops for Bidwell that thy will finish, he’s restarting the Christmas tree farm, and he’s planning the structures to be built on the property.

Special Guest:

Morgan Hopfensperger



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Adam Barnett

Barnett custom Builds

I spray rattle can lacquer, whats the lowest temp you’ve sprayed lacquer?

Jake Miller

A Suite Shop

Any recommendations on a dust collector for a larger tall shop?

John Tacc

Tacc Woodworks

Whats a quick win shop organization project?

Ed M

E&J Creation woodworks

As you guys were getting started, what was your greatest challenge?

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