Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 90: Three Phase Bidet

November 26, 2021 Another Woodshop Podcast Season 1 Episode 90
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 90: Three Phase Bidet
Show Notes

Dan is killing it with Etsy and selling a lot of bowties. He delivered the TV shelf with hidden drawers, working on a hackberry table, and making a cutting board with Kayla

Mike finally has power to his shop!! Also working on the property, gluing up a lot of table tops, making a mold for a table top pour for a slab, got a ton of Etsy orders queued up.

Pete is working on cutting boards, revamping his Etsy, working on his website, Designing a business sign for a client, working on a large CNC job quote, and making ornaments for his family ti give away to everyone.

Sorry for Mike's audio. He pushed the wrong button.

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Adam Barnett

Barnett custom Builds

Light Meet and Dark Meet?


E&J Creation woodworks

Desert Island: you got 220 and 110.

Nick Paccia 

The Working Grain

Dust Collection. I have a 15x45 shop and I’m wondering is the Dustright Duet collector is enough.

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