Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 78: 3 Phase Bologna Cord

September 05, 2021 Another Woodshop Podcast Season 1 Episode 78
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 78: 3 Phase Bologna Cord
Show Notes

Mike finally delivered the massive elm conference room table. He’s working on a secret project that he can’t share but is super excited about. And he’s finally closing on his new house!!! WOOOOO! And he’s working out the power issues because the new shop doesn’t have enough power to run all his tools.

Dan did a whole lot of fingering……finger joints. Sorry not sorry. He’s been working on the couch tables for a client and had to re-make one of them. He’s also got some traction on Etsy and shipped an order to the Netherlands. 

Pete did his epoxy floors in the shop and he’s super excited about the finished product. He hung a bunch of tools now walls and ceiling in preparation for the floors. He’s also replaced a toilet and done more “home Reno” stuff. Pete also worked on the van build with his friend Carmine, redesigned his shipping space to be more efficient with orders, and also dealt with hurricane Ida hitting NJ this week.

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Goose Woodworking

Undervaluing your projects. Would you ever go back to a customer to let them know that their price was “introductory”?


J The D 1

Router Bits. Honestly he said girth and I just started giggling. I think he asked about flush trim bits. 

Michael Meynard

Splinter Finger Woodworks

I make handmade walking canes. What type of finish should I use to be durable and not yellow?

Sam Zook

Heirloom woodshop

What is your favorite sandpaper to use? And where do you get it?

What do you guys do to make sure to spend quality time with the family?

Tyler Housemen

Houseman Creations Co

Filling Cracks. What do you use for filling knots and cracks?

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