Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 75: 3/4 Centennial

August 15, 2021 Season 1 Episode 75
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 75: 3/4 Centennial
Show Notes

Dan made an awesome CNC table and is making templates and files for it. He’s also getting some help from a shop helper on a mosaic, and finish the order of 3 couch side tables. Aside form that, he needs to make 7 more side tables for 1 client so he’ll be busy. And he’s coming to see Pete in October!

Mike is knocking out some large walnut tables for a restaurant. He’s wrapping up the table job for a massive conference table for a commercial client, finishing the poker table, and wrapping up the small custom orders. He’s also wrapping up some negotiations for the home purchase and waiting for the appraisal. 

Pete went sailing for a week because he likes to pretend he’s wealthy lol. On the way back from Maine, he met up with some makers in Boston and checked out MannMade’s shop. He also decided to not put his Etsy shop in Vacation Mode, but instead changed his lead times to 5-7 days and he got a ton of orders while he was away. Now that he’s back hone he’s working on setting up his office and workshop.

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Ingrained in wood

Mike, have you ever considered opening up your own fire volunteer department.


Woodwork & Whiskers

Sanding sealer. What are your thoughts?


Seppo’s Workshop

Floating shelves. Any suggestions of hardware?


507 woodworks

I have someone asking about built ins and I have never done that before. Have you ever gotten a job that you have never done before and how did you deal with it?

Josh the Dad


How can you deal with wood movement? Anything to think about? What to look out for?

Nick Potter

Using robots. At what point is it not “hand made”?


Pix To Proto

Etsy products photo. What do you guys do for your photos for the posts?

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