Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 69: Nice... w/ Chris Cunningham

July 04, 2021 Chris Cunningham Season 1 Episode 69
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 69: Nice... w/ Chris Cunningham
Show Notes

Episode 69 - Nice!

Chris Cunningham is Here!

Dan installed the Cambia shower for the “Lake front” house. He also made some cat trays on the CNC, and he had to take Kayla to the hospital because she had appendicitis. Chris just wrapped up a skateboard project for a brand, gluing up veneers in a press. Pete released a video! (Finally) He also re-wired his trailer’s electrical, got a great deal on an ash butcher block, and released a new battery holder for the Makita line. Mike bleached redwood, working on a table for a bar, a large barn wood door, hexagon shelves, and he’s recovering from being sick.

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Adam Barnett


Question #2: I got everything mobile except my table saw. What do you recommend for a mobile base?


Hambone Design MI

After sanding, do you wipe down with paper towel, cleaning solution, or air?

Max Jensen

Jensen Joinery

Tips, tricks, tools to expedite hand sanding?

Scot Orhamn

Dad it yourself DIY

Thinking about getting a laguna Tablo saw. Any place I should be looking at for a deal?

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