Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 68: Pete Snuck In During Y2K

June 27, 2021
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 68: Pete Snuck In During Y2K
Show Notes

Episode 68 - 

Dan finished the Cambria shower walls and they look incredible! And he installed the trim for the Murphy shelf doors.

Pete got a new trailer! He added a 5x8 trailer to the shop to tow behind his Subaru, had a misadventure with a lumberyard, finished up a video that drops Friday, and layered a bunch of tumblers.

Mike is officially working for himself! Wooooo! Mike delivered the white epoxy table to the client, working on the conference table, and a Local news station commissioned him to make 60 cutting boards for the Olympics launch. 

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Daniel the Langley

Ripsaw Ridge

Now that you work for yourself, do you still “poop on the clock”?

Josh the dad


Taking cost into consideration. And thinking of cost. What is the best joinery tool?

Lee The Ohman

Regal Street

I’m finally catching up on projects and my question is: What do I do with my free time? Clean the shop? Make something for the shop? Take some time off?

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