Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 66: Can Of Stripper w/ Bart Komar

June 13, 2021 Bart Komar Season 1 Episode 66
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 66: Can Of Stripper w/ Bart Komar
Show Notes

Bart Komar is here! Bart is working on a patio slab on his property to move a shed over so they can open up an area for a pool to get installed! After that is a hand cut dovetail joinery project for his parents.
Dan delivered the Tetris shelf to the client, which cleared up a ton of space in his shop. He’s having his “sub contractor” Nick Brim finish up the Murphy shelves. A large delivery of hardwood is coming to dan’s house which he will be using to make a shower floor for a pool shower at a beach house.
Pete worked on the van with his buddy and cut into the roof to install a fan, swapped out the spindle on his lathe and he can finally turn bowls. He’s also getting his car prepped for installing a trailer hitch and wiring harness for his Subaru (because he refuses to get a truck).
Mike finally landed a trailer! He can easily deliver his large projects locally. He picked up some flattening jobs, including a massive epoxy table for a customer. He’s also getting a huge piece of glass for that same project, and he got a great deal on some glass and made business account with that company for future projects. Got some plans up on etsy of a spice rack, and he wrapping a bunch of quotes for new jobs with customers.

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Adam - Barnett Custom Builds
I have a big boy table saw. What is the correct or recommended way to take care of cast iron….and what do YOU do?

Josh the dad - josh_the_dad_1
CNCs. Endmills, how long do you run them?

Kevin Kramer
Super new woodworker with a question about refinishing an outdoor table. 

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