Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 65: Indiana Jones & The Swoop Of the Arch

June 06, 2021 Another Woodshop Podcast
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 65: Indiana Jones & The Swoop Of the Arch
Show Notes

Dan went to install the Murphy doors but they didn't fit when they pivoted. So he sub-contracted Nick Brim to help him out with rebuilding the doors. This allows Dan to focus on the many smaller projects he has from his other client. Pete finally fixed the washing machine tranny, Got a bunch of new tools on Memorial weekend even though there was no sales, grilled the best ribs he have ever done, and had some drama with the home closing that keeps getting pushed back. Lastly he ended up selling one of his Prusa Minis to a local maker and set up his new Prusa Mk3S+ that he got this week. He also shot a quick live with a local 3d printing woodworker to answer questions about printing. Mike has been spraying most of the week to finalize all the projects he’s working on. He’s got a few flattening jobs for some customer including some c-channel install work. He’s starting work on the large conference room but he’ll be subbing the delivery and install with a local guy. Lastly he landed a poker table and wrapped up a bench build that he had to stain.

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Andy Kramer - Alpha Kilo Woodworking
Have you ever considered going to the metric system?

Jake Miller - ASI Shop Life
I want to do more video content. Camera recommendations and software to edit?

Jay Mowder
Should I be branding the items I put up on etsy?

J the D - Josh_The_Dad_1
He’s Alive! Life hit hard the last few months, but he’s back! How do you feel about scraps with the current wood prices?

Choses mo - Chosen Craft Co
Burnout. How do you deal with it?

Nathan Snyder
Upgrade Question. Do I upgrade the table saw or dust collection?

Nick Paccia
I have a small table saw and small planer. What would you recommend?

Adam Barnett (Patron Only)
I tried to use music in my posts but I’m only using mostly royalty free music. What do you guys use for getting music in your content

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