Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 63: The Ridgeline Killer

May 23, 2021 Season 1 Episode 63
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 63: The Ridgeline Killer
Show Notes

Episode 63 - Pete finally wrapped up the ash coffee table that will have glass panels inserted into it on 5 sides, and it will be finished with India ink. But not by Pete! He’s also been working on a van conversion with his friend that started 2 years ago and will finally be wrapped up this summer. Ands finally he’s getting into more 3D printing models. Releasing a few new things and working on some old designs that he needs to finish, as well as adding a 5th printer to the mix. 

Dan has been playing with his CNC and has made a bunch of templates. Dan is also a coward and hangs his shirts instead of folding them. He’s also working on the bigger brother to the Tetris shelf, and waiting for the weather to clear up to spray the doors for the basement build. Oh, he’s also the Omaha Ridgeline Murderer…allegedly.

Mike had some help in this shop this weekend. He’s got a door commission that he made out of thermally modified poplar. He’s also got a power table commission, and is designing a sliding bard door. Lastly he got all his wood milled up for the teak table, put out a new YouTube video, and he started using Jobber for keeping track of his jobs. 

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Andrew Dembeck

ADD woodworks

I see a lot of curly-ques on my work surfaces when im sanding. What do you recommend to mitigate those?

Jake miller

ASI Shop Life

What do you guys do as far as pricing on etsy?

John T

Tack Woodworks

What do you recommend for expanding power in the shop?

What is your recommendation for a table saw under 1000?

Moses Cho

Cho my people Mo

What is the difference between Math guy and the numbers guy?

Nik C

I have a red oak tree bear that someone carved for me. How should I finish it?

Sean Marks

Make with Marks

Outdoor finishes. I have to make a project that will withstand all 4 seasons. What do you recommend?


Dad it Yourself DIY

What are some good cutting board tips to share with a novice?

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