Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 62: Polish Mischief

May 16, 2021 Another Woodshop Podcast Season 1 Episode 62
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 62: Polish Mischief
Show Notes

Episode 62 - Dan is killing it on the CNC. Making push sticks, bowties, clocks, and custom signs. Also picking up work on the Tetris shelf. Mike is trying out some new finishes and testing them out, working on a bunch of commissions for Etsy, and picked up the super large slab for a custom waterfall table. Getting custom table bases made for some tables, and he’ll be flying out to Montana to check out some neighborhoods for no particular reason. 62. Pete has had a super rough work week pulling long days in NYC over his shop. He was also told that the house closing is getting pushed back 1 month….MEH! He’s been working with Emma to learn more about the CriCut Maker and they’ve been making tons of projects. And lastly he’s been playing more around with his HVLP sprayer, and he’s in love!
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Adam Barnett
Barnett Custom Woodworks
I have money saved up and I don’t know which jointer to get. Any recommendations?

Andrew Dembeck
ADD woodworks
Mistakes. I have got glue on my bandsaw and I have no clue how to clean it up. Help please!

Boundless Designs
Abandoning projects. A project that cannot be salvaged, is there a way to salvage the relationship with the customer?

I’m looking for an entry level planer for projects. 

I almost started a fire with epoxy once. What are some tips you might have for keeping safe with epoxy and other exothermic finishes?

Brian M
What do you do for business insurance for your business?

Nick Pacci
The Working Grain
What is your number 1 rule for success?

Made with marks
I’ve been watching superhero movies. If you gained a super power, what would that super power lead you to do?

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Jevon Chaney
::beer opens:: I’m thinking about bringing my smoker and cooking stuff to workbench con and cater some meals. What are your thoughts? (Spoilers: The guys talk about their plans for workbench con)

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