Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 58: Nebraska Scissor Lift

April 18, 2021 Another Woodshop Podcast Season 1 Episode 58
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 58: Nebraska Scissor Lift
Show Notes

Episode 58 - Dan is working on the basemen, made preparations of the CNC landing next week and the Guys landing the week after. Mike had his big meeting with the client in regards to the large elm live edge waterfall conference room table, he’s also finishing up the herringbone coffee table, finally catching up on Etsy orders, working on some fun guitar projects, and hopefully getting his money back from USPS for a sign they delivered snapped in half! Pete is working on finalizing all the legal and bank stuff for their home purchase, and clearing house in his current shop. Using up all the scraps he can for projects to sell and selling off tools and unwanted supplies around the garage.

“I like the big ones!” - Pete 2021

The Rusty Tool

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Woodwork and whiskers
Starting an etsy account. If you sell in in other places, do you need pay etsy fees if it’s listed there?

Ben Miller
Squatchin’ Woodworks
I was trying to think of a question, then I tried to say something profound, but in the end I decided to say something something controversial.

Boundless Designs
DARE. Is there a “gateway joint” that will lead you to master all joints?

Braydon Lord
Have you used an edge banding machine before? vs. an iron on edge banding? Or using wood strips?

Midnight Maker
I’m starting a podcast and I was wondering what you guys use for distributing a podcast.

Drew Paxton
Woodshop out back
Should I upgrade my belt/disc combo, get a large disc sander, or the oscillating spindle sander?

Houseman creations
Giveaways. If you brought something from a maker to use for a giveaway, do you let them know its got a giveaway?
Etsy. I have a custom domain but my website will not let me forward

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Amana Tool 49512 Carbide Tipped Corner Rounding 3/8 R x 1-1/4 D x 5/8 CH x 1/4 Inch SHK
Amana Tool 47306 Carbide Tipped Chamfer 45 Deg Angle x 1-19/64 D x 7/16 CH x 1/4 Inch SHK
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David Young
5 colors/species of the winners choice of Timbermate 8oz bottles

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