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Episode 57: Izzy Swan - Bizzy Izzy

April 11, 2021 Izzy Swan Season 1 Episode 57
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 57: Izzy Swan - Bizzy Izzy
Show Notes

Episode 57 - Izzy built an addition onto their shop, worked on his beast of a CNC thats 5x25 FEET LONG! Redesigning a new Dust Collection System for the Avid CNC. And working on a secret clamp storage project that he’s developing. Pete has been restoring several Stanley hand planes, and flattened the bottoms by lapping them a granite slab with a sandpaper. After flattening all the planes in his shop, on the last on which was a #7, he cracked the cast iron frog! Fail! But its still functional. Dan has been clearning space in preparation for his CNC. Trimming out the basement, and potentially doing more work for that same client by adding a vanity to the bill. Mike was flattening an elm slab and “found” some nails in the wood with his bit. Had a miter saw blowout that scared him a bit, and he got to meet some local metalworking makers for a project. 

Joke of the night:
“Do you know why they call a hand plane frog a frog? Because it keeps the blade from hopping around” -Izzy Swan 2021


Izzy Swan

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Boundless Designs
Clamps. What clamps do you use when?

Kevin Hempkill
Lefty’s Woodshop
Izzy: What was your most exciting build to date?

Wooden Whiskers Trading Co.
Izzy: Do you ever find yourself doing some math and calculations when something doesn’t work quite right on your machines

Hickory Homestead
Izzy: if you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Questions from the boys to Izzy:
What got you into making and shaped your life to lead you down this path?

Can you discuss your business a bit more and some of the other projects you have going on?

Can you talk about maker’s playground?

Can you speak a little about your back issues and how that has impacted you with building your business?

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