Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 56: Shucks & Fits

April 04, 2021 Season 1 Episode 56
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 56: Shucks & Fits
Show Notes

Episode 56 - Dan has been doing an on site install for his customer. However, he Dunlap’d the install by 1/4 of an inch. But its all good! Mike has been working on some table builds, knocking out more etsy orders, migrating his website, installing a carport, and awaiting a large lumber order to keep up with orders. Lastly he’s landed a large commercial job that he’s finalizing now! Pete had maintenance week in his shop, tuning his CNC and 3D printers. He has also seen a small dip in etsy sales so that has given him time to prototype some new items for himself and the shop. Lastly he’s been restoring Stanley hand planes (#3 Stanley Sweetheart & a #7 Stanley) which is tough because the soles are not flat so he’s been lapping them for days!



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Adam Barnett

Barnett Custom Woodworks

Any recommendations for someone starting out their YouTube channel?

Casey Reeves

CReeves Makes

Would you rather have a separate gallery account of use your website?

Kimani Strayhorn

Van Stray Design

When separating finances and setting up an account, what should I think of when selecting a bank

Moses Cho

Chosen Craft Co

How are you guys sponsored?

Nathan O’Graney

Teak. How would you patch Teak veneer?

Nick [email protected]

The Working Grain

How would you fill pocket holes?


Squachin Woodworks

What kind of skills do you have that you hate that you can do? That you dont want people to know you have.

Tyler Issacs

Wooden Whiskers

We might have some extra space in the shop soon and we’re thinking of modeling the shop out to make it more efficient. What would you do if you got some extra space in your shop?

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John Grubb

Freud Dado Stack

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