Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 55: Arborstravaganza

March 28, 2021 Another Woodshop Podcast Season 1 Episode 55
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 55: Arborstravaganza
Show Notes

Episode 55 - Dan is building a bunch of lower cabinets. And he’s been trying out some new finishes from sherwin Williams. Mike is working on a ton of behind the scenes stuff, shipping a bunch of orders, working on a sign for another woodworker, milled up ash for a coffee table, and is making plans for the redwood bench but out of store bought cedar or redwood. Lastly he’s making a table for his parents! Pete was busy house hunting, restoring two hand planes including a Stanley sweetheart, and he put out a video on his laser. Live on YouTube now!


The Rusty Tool

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Youtube Videos:

Pete: Laguna PL 12|20 Laser Unboxing / Assembly / First impressions

Mike: Laguna PL 12|20 Laser - Set Up And Initial Thoughts 

Brad Gillespie
Moving to a new shop. If you were moving to a new place, what is the one thing you would change or do differently?

Chiseled woodworking
How about them inflation prices?

Jake Miller
ASI Shop Live
Customer Timelines. How do you guys deal with customers riding you about project completion?

Kimani Strayhorn
VanStray Designs
Giveaways. I’m about to hit 1k and I would love your input about what to offer for giveaway.

Nick Paccia
The Working Grain
I am raising prices and have a returning customer for an item I already made for them at an earlier time, and want to see how I should handle the situation.

Andrew Smith 
Smith Builds
If I’m not looking to be an influencer, do I need to expand to Etsy YouTube, and other social media networks?

Tyler Issacs
Wooden Whiskers Trading Co
Filling in brad nail holes. How do you guys fill them it to match the wood?

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Freud Dado Stack

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Shane Warren - SW Creations

2x Microjig Push Blocks

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