Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 19: Desert Island Harbor Freight

July 19, 2020 Another Woodshop Podcast Season 1 Episode 19
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 19: Desert Island Harbor Freight
Show Notes

Episode 19 - Dan hasn’t seen his shop in a week, Mike Makes flags now, Pete killed a spider. This week we talk about getting obsessive with finishing a project, aprons, marking tools, joinery options, skills we struggled to develop,  we solve world hunger, Flattening end grain board with no drum sander, recommend woods for tool handles, we go down a rabbit hole with school stories, miters vs track saw for beginners, our emotional attachment to tools,

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AC Nailed it
How do you guys deal with finishing a project? Do you obsess about the details?

ADD Woodworking
Apron or no apron? And how do you mark your work? Pencil or marking knife?

Brandon Morrison
Morrison and sons
What do you guys recommend for joining perpendicular surfaces? Dado, dowel, domino, biscuit?

Character Red Woodshop
What is one trait in content creation that took you the longest to develop?

JV Woodworks
Hypothetical: You can end world hunger but you have to sacrifice…EVERYTHING

RegalStreet Woodshop
Recommendation for flattening an end grain board and eliminating burning.

Jordan Krants
Suggestion on wood for Axe restoration?

Josh the dad
What is your favorite memory of school? Which educator

What would you recommend for a beginner woodworker? Miter Saw or track saw?

PJ Galati
Do you have an emotional attachment to a tool? Have trouble selling a tell?

Sam Ross
How do you make things strong and stable? What do you consider when thinking of structural integrity?

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