Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 111: The Noug! w/ Erik Curtis

May 22, 2022 Erik Curtis Season 1 Episode 111
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 111: The Noug! w/ Erik Curtis
Show Notes

Special Guest: Erik Curtis

Erik is working on a custom commission for a box that will house a very special religious vessel. Describing what goes into making items with a lot of significance to the customer.

Dan has been making more bowties and ZCI for Etsy which is doing well. He’s also working on some more shower platforms for his “beach” client, and been fighting with finish.

Mike got a shipping container to store all his lumber, working on carriage doors, dealing adding glass to the doors, working on a large table that is rushing his jimmies.

Pete is still assembling his 3d printers, he recorded a tandem YouTube and instagram live on 3D printing and answering everyone’s questions around it. Working on some floating shelves for a neighbor, and still landscaping. So much landscaping!

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Trying to make your finish but I’m having a hard time finding some of the ingredients.

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