Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 110: Toe-Jitos

May 15, 2022 Lindsay Zuelich Season 1 Episode 110
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 110: Toe-Jitos
Show Notes

Lindsay Zuelich is here!!!

Special Guest:




Lindsay is working on epoxy moon carves, recording some video around it, learning the ins and outs of optimizing her CNC work, 

Pete wrapped up the ice climbing tool project, doing landscaping and mulching, working on floating shelves for a neighbor, and helping with more work on the Van build.

Dan hates landscaping, Etsy is doing well and he’s working on a ton of zero clearance inserts, has to build a few patio furniture pieces, and working on posting 3 reels a day and seeing how it converts to views on IG.

Mike is working with a new big company, planning out the large walnut executive desk, pricing out a restaurant job, and he got a shipping container for the property.

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