Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 105: Marked Safe From Will Smith

April 03, 2022 Season 1 Episode 105
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 105: Marked Safe From Will Smith
Show Notes

Dan is working on the monkeypod table, making Sawstop zero clearance insert plates, working on adding new items on etsy, and he has

Pete is drowning in admin stuff, found a to-do list that had a bunch of priority stuff he dropped the ball on, etsy has been raving up, he got an Ender 3 Pro to add to the print shop, ordered 3 more Prusa printers, became a partner with Prusa3D, and he’s tuning his laser because it maintenance.

Mike was at a Festool event in Rhode Island (street land), got stranded in DC at the airport, dealing with lots of admin stuff, he’s getting a Lomello joinery system, building more grounding boxes, and he’s been negotiating some purchase orders for the first time.

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Dylan Scott
I have some boards that I made and they have a little wobble. What would you recommend to stop the wobble?

Erik Nelson
Want a general purpose sprayer for all around use. Can you recommend something

Whipperwool woodcraft
Paneled miter Cuts. What would you recommend to make these cuts as accurately as possible?

Jake Miller
A Suite Idea
Can you guys talk about some of the administrative and behind the scenes stuff, etc. Any insight and tips you can share to get new businesses some insight into starting out?

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