Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 103: Tongue & Groove

March 20, 2022 Another Woodshop Podcast Season 1 Episode 103
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 103: Tongue & Groove
Show Notes

Dan finished the big oak door with some satin finish, he got hooked up with a local carwash, he locked down another door but with glass, sold a slide table, he’s working on the live edge table, and he’s been hunting for some new shop spaces.

Mike did a fair and it was awful, he didn’t sell too much but he made a lot of great connections with makers in the community. Etsy is doing well and he got his star seller back, and he’s made a sustainer cart. Lastly, Mike is heading out to an event in Rhode Island for a Festool event. 

Pete moved his office back from the print shop, he’s working on getting some new 3D printers, he’s working on the ice climbing training tools, got some fun new sandpaper from Mirka, but also hear of some delays from Laguna on his dust collector. Lastly in Etsy news he hit 6 months as a star seller and he’s planning to have the etsy class in early April so stay tuned if you want to join!

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Jake Miller

A Suite Idea

Looking for bigger boxes for CNC work. Where do you get your boxes?


I live in north jersey. What lumber suppliers do you recommend?

Mendham ply

Blue Ridge Lumber

Boards and beams

Monteath lumber

Dykes Lumber

Daniel Latter

I have the home right sprayer and sprayed paint and general finishes. But I keep getting orange peel. Any thoughts you have for spraying with this material?

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