Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 99: Flock Your Drawers

February 13, 2022 Another Woodshop Podcast Season 1 Episode 101
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 99: Flock Your Drawers
Show Notes

Dan had another good week on etsy with bowties, knocked out his website, and not much more going on.

Mike got a big countertop job that he needs to get started, working on a Home Depot video, got a walnut table on hold, the audio boxes are getting ready for the full run, getting the new Laguna EX laser and selling his small one, and prepping for a conference.

Pete has been working on behind the scenes, working on boring house stuff and honey-do list finishing up the decor after the renovations.

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Eric W

Do you buy your dominos name brand or get them for  another source? 

How do you stretch you wood, when you have to join boards end to end and how do you provide support?

Jordan Chapman

Of the north designs

Been having trouble with board cupping on me when taking them out of clamps. How do you remedy this?

Have you ever have had a problem that you think isn’t common but then it turns out its very common?

Kimono VonStrayhorn

Vonstray designs

I’m coming up on the “wood” anniversary with my wife. What do you recommend?

Choses Mo

Chosen Craft Co

How often do you check your stats? That help you see how you’re doing.

Nick Paccia

The Working Grain

Shop floors. Im looking for some good options for a shop shed floor.

Scott Shirk

Red Lake Woodworks

What equipment do you recommend for recording and posting content?

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