Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 98: 3 Days of AWP'ness

February 06, 2022 Season 1 Episode 100
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 98: 3 Days of AWP'ness
Show Notes

Dan had a lot of bowtie sales, got the hardware delivered for the big doors, made some 3d carved barstools, and working on a large hackberry live edge slab.

Pete is cleaning house in his shop. He’s on a throw-out streak and is getting rid of stuff in the shop, having a hard time staying motivated and happy in the workshop, been working on administrative and brand stuff for 2022, and is looking to get a box joint jig because he like box joints but hates cutting them.

Mike delivered the redwood table top, black walnut coffee table, got the first load of english walnut delivered. 1000 bf!! He’s working with a high end audio company about some grounding boxes, and he’s looking at some new sanding solutions for the project he’s working on. 

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Dylon Scott

I have a chance to buy a great condition delta cabinet saw for $400. Do you think it’s a good deal and worth taking?


Back in my day…I didn’t know what a rabbet was. And didn’t know where to find the resources. What are some good book and paper resources that you recommend?


Wooden Mustache

Blast Gates. I’m upgrading my dust collection and I’m trying to figure out what our be best for blast gates?

Michael Linden

Wood acclamation. Buying lumber from the lumber yard. How long do you leave it in the shop before working on it?

Nick Hall

What sprayers do you recommend upgrading to. I have a basic one and I want a nice all around sprayer. What do you recommend?

Ross Burner

What do you recommend for a high traffic finish that is day to apply.

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